Lucas Ordonez 2009 GT Academy Winner, 2013 Blancpain Pro/Am Drivers Championship winner

I worked with Simon during the 2013 season. I feel very lucky to have worked and developed my skills training with such a professional like Simon. Apart form the fitness training Simon worked hard with me to develop my mental strength and preparation for racing. Motorsport is a very stressful and accurate sport, any little mistake can turn into a fatal disaster so working with Simon I really learnt how to approach my racing weekends in the right way for me. We worked doing sessions of concentration, relaxation and working with my subconscious. Also at races having Simon helping me prepare mentally and warm up my body and reactions before driving was really positive and left me confident to be in the car 100% ready. Motorsport in my opinion requires more mental preparation than physical so having a professional like Simon working with me is something which makes the difference between me and my competitors.


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