Alistair Niddrie Business Consultant

Having been employed all my working life, I decided to start up a new company. I required help in overcoming some fears that were holding me back. It was with trepidation that I contacted Simon because I didn't like the idea of being out of control and did not understand how he or Hypnosis could ever overcome the anxieties I was suffering from.

Following a 30 minute consulting session with Simon, I provided several areas that I wanted to work on there and then. Simon reassured me that these thoughts were very normal and he felt confident that I would overcome them.

During the following session, I did not feel that I was being hypnotised, as Simon simply discussed the issues in detail, whilst at the same time relaxing me.

By the end of the session I said to Simon that I was awake the whole time and was aware of noises and my breathing, so did not feel that much had happened in 5 minutes! Although I was relaxed, I was thinking that I had a long road ahead of hundreds of sessions before he could help!!

Simon commented that it was not 5 minutes, but was in fact 25 minutes and that was a very good sign that I was in hypnosis.

The following day I really could not believe the difference in me. I did not have any of the anxieties that we worked on in our first session -they had completely gone!

As agreed, Simon called me several times in the next couple of weeks to find out how I was getting on, which kept me focused as well.

Within this time I had set up a business, written and published a web site and business is already booming.

I have now employed Simon as my ongoing mentor to help with my mental management for the business.

I understand that Simon specialises in working with professional sports people as well as the general public but I would also highly recommend him for any one who is considering a start up business. It should be routine for people like me who have a new business start up to receive this sort of positive therapy.


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