Simon has worked with sports people competing at the highest level and is very well placed to both understand and know the mental challenges and pressures that are experienced as well as what is needed to excel in such a high pressured and demanding environment.

All challenges that professional sportspeople have are no different to those that people in every walk of life experience. They are equally affected by the negative thoughts and beliefs they hold, as well as negative outside influences. With sports people the negativity is more acute due to the high levels of competition, pressure and expectancy to which they are constantly exposed.

Simon will use his knowledge, skills and experience to uncover either the team or the individual’s mindset to enable optimum performance and achievement. Sports people can always have an excellent performance but was it their optimum? Did they or the team REALLY believe on every level of their consciousness that they would achieve the expected or visualised outcome prior to the event? Was there any self-doubt in their belief systems? Do they understand themselves and their characteristics under pressure and high levels of adrenalin? Do they then know how to channel their thoughts so they can get the best out of themselves? At the highest level this is often the difference between winning or loosing. The importance of an athletes mental state, be it during competition, training or when away from the competitive arena should never be under estimated or overlooked.


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