Simon has over time developed an incredible understanding of the human mind and body along with the importance of the relationship between the mental and physical, and how to use this to create positive change. He has a very calming and assuring presence that enables anyone and everyone around him to feel relaxed and at ease, which are vital to succeeding in creating a positive change in either yourself or your life. By using a variety of his proven skills including hypnotherapy, Simon will help you to uncover your ability to succeed and overcome your fears. Simon helps you to understand yourself and how your mind works, which then enables you to understand why and how you react in the way that you do in certain instances or circumstances. This enables you to understand that your fears lie within you and are what he refers to as lies or negative beliefs, not the truth or positive beliefs.  By trusting in your own subconscious skills, and positive beliefs, Simon can then show you how to work with those skills and abilities you DO HAVE rather than the ones you think you don’t have.  This will lead to self-empowerment and enable you to fulfil and achieve what YOU want out of your life. Simon has achieved these results with top athletes and is adamant that if you are from a professional sporting environment, a professional business environment or from within your private life, the principles are still the same. It is about who YOU are not WHAT you do.

His main areas of expertise are:

Depression/Anxiety/Lack of Self Confidence/Low Self Esteem

  • When or why do we become unhappy?
  • What two elements make up our beliefs?
  • Does your past equal your future?

Weight Management

  • Is losing weight an inside job?
  • Do words carry weight?
  • Can simply changing your behavior really reduce your weight?


  • What is the difference between a fear and a phobia?
  • Can your mind really overcome a phobia?
  • Are your fears holding you back?

Smoking Cessation

  • Is smoking clinically addictive, or is it simply just a habit?
  • How many chemicals are released when tobacco burns?
  • How much money would you save in a year?

Simon can also help with the following:

  • Reducing stress
  • Habits (nail biting)
  • Driving test/Exam nerves
  • Relaxation and positive thinking to aid fertility
  • Insomnia
  • Goal achievement
  • Blushing
  • Discomfort in social surroundings