Motivational Speaking

Simon is a proven motivational speaker where he has spoken at many events passing on his knowledge and experience to many. Simon has a passion for guiding those who are interested in being the best they can be. As well as having a very composed, confident and calming presence, along with his choice of words and delivery, Simon has already inspired many people through his ability to guide and mentor. Simon has been doing this with professional sports people for over 5 years now, and he has done the same with business people and individuals from all walks of life, including children. Simon also believes that if you can help children to understand themselves at a younger age and inspire them to think in a more positive way and avoid picking up all the negative beliefs that we all do, then it can have a hugely positive effect on their future and how they conduct themselves. Simon talked to an audience of young up and coming sporting children in Abu Dhabi 3 years ago at the Yasalam Conference, and his words inspired many young children to believe in themselves and to develop and work on the way they think, so as to enable them to remain positive and always focus on their individual strengths and abilities. After the feedback he was given this gave him the desire to look at Motivational speaking and he is now achieving that goal. 

Simon's talks are inspirational, practical and easy to understand and can be tailored to your specific requirements for each event and will provide the desired outcomes. Simons primary focuses are:

- Enabling people to understand who they are,

- Understanding how their mind works,

- Guidance for mind management

- Having more confidence,

- Improved communication

- Improved leadership & Teamwork



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