In the workplace, teamwork is an absolutely crucial contributing factor to a company hitting its targets and achieving its goals. How individuals interact and work together are two essential factors that determine how a team works together. Simon’s philosophy when working with teams is to always look at each team member individually, looking at their strengths and weaknesses, self-belief and character. It is common that some team members may be suffering from a lack of confidence or belief, stress or personal problems that can often go unnoticed. These issues will all prevent the individual from working to their optimum, which then weakens the team, which then leads to the team not performing at its optimum. It’s like a snowball effect. A team should be like a well oiled and smoothly running engine, however if a piston or a cog in the engine is not working properly then it will affect the overall performance of the engine. Any human team is the same principle.

Individuals must also, as well as understanding themselves, understand the other members of the team. They must understand how they work what their strengths and weaknesses are and be able to work with them with respect and trust each other’s abilities to get the job done. One of the biggest destroyers of teamwork is the ego! We all have an ego, but if you can’t manage it then it can control you and be highly destructive within a team. Every team has a few people who want to be the hero and stand out to their superiors. In doing that, they are not working at their optimum and are too focused on what others are doing.

The best and most successful directors and managers are the ones who instil excellent communication, earn respect and bring in the best people to do a job for them, and their team, and then move out of their way to let them get on with it. Sadly this doesn’t always happen which again is destructive to a team. Everyone’s ego wants to do well, and wants to stand out, but if team that works well together and achieves all their targets, then all team member stands out. Think of a top Football team. If they win the European cup, they all stand out! Yes the winning goal scorer is the one who may to most stand out more, but what about the player who provided the assist? Who passed the ball to the assister? It’s the same pattern and principles again.

Simon’s ability to get a team working together as a cohesive unit and working at their optimum is proven everywhere he has worked. He has the ability to understand all different character types and guide them to understanding themselves and how to be the best that they can be.


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