Well this is always a very good question, one that is commonly asked but rarely overcome! However it is the ones who do overcome this who excel at what they do.

I think the important thing to start off with here is to look at what fear actually is. What is fear? Fear for me is an emotional or physical response that is derived from a thought. The thought will of course originate from a live situation or circumstance or something that happened in the past. 

So why is Fear such a strong influence in preventing people from making changes, or attempting new things outside of their comfort zone, that could inevitably be life changing?

Well us humans are known to be creatures of habit. Feeling vulnerable, or in a situation that carries risk or is unpredictable, are uncomfortable scenarios for most people. Knowing exactly what is going to happen and where you are, are positions that are safe and comfortable and  many people get stuck in. The reality of this is that people then  end up in the same cycle without ever fulfilling their true potential. So being able to step out of ones comfort zone and into what one would feel as an area of unknown and unpredictability is a big step for many of us, however that is where positive life changing experiences can happen.

One of the most common fears people experience is the “I am not” fear. "I am not good enough", "I am not clever enough", "I am not able to", the list goes on. Fears then create lies which then lead to conflict in our minds which makes it increasingly difficult for us to make a decision or choice where we feel confident and relaxed, which is then why many will step back into their comfort zone because its safe and what they know, and they will not achieve their full potential.

Let us use a quick example here. You are about to make a change but you don’t feel you are good enough to successfully make this change and you worry what other people may think if you don’t achieve it. So your thought is likely to be that you are not good enough, when you continuously think about this thought, you start to believe it and when you believe it, it then becomes a belief, which then becomes a fear. But are there any clear facts here that clearly demonstrate that you are not good enough? Nine times out of ten there aren’t any! Ok this change may be a similar change that was attempted and didn’t work out some years ago? Although similar they are not the same, there are likely to be many different factors here; experience for a start? Different circumstances? a different place?From the previous attempt you will certainly know what doesn’t work, so you are hardly going to try that exact method again, so what realistically is there to stop it from working this time? The answer to that is your mind, your thoughts, beliefs and fears, which without any clear factual proof that you are not good enough are all lies! Believing in lies is a huge issue that many many suffer from.

Of course things don’t always turn out how we want at the first attempt, but its not possible to fail, you only learn how to do something a different way, and if you keep going, and keep trying new ways until you create the change you need, or achieve the goals you have set yourself, then you will achieve your optimum potential creating positive changes that will change your life. Many say that things are easier said than done, and this is of course correct, however if your actions mirror your words then this is where the power comes from. The power is always in your actions, and you are in control of your actions as well as your words, so if you act upon your words watch what happens.

So from now on whenever you are about to make a change and you have fears about it, sit down and be brutally honest with yourself, and ask exactly what it is that is holding you back from making the change? What is it you fear? What are the thoughts that are causing you to hesitate? I can assure you that when you look at it in this way, whatever the fears are, they are most likely to be lies. So what about believing in the truth? Believing in yourself and having  thoughts like, "I can do this", "I will do this", "I will do my best"? Go and try it, and watch what happens.