Theodorus Angelinos, Professional Tennis Player. Greek Number 1

Ted Angelinos

The work I have done with Simon has helped me to become a lot more aware of my own emotions and thoughts and how they effect me. The work we have done has helped me to use my own emotions and thoughts in a more constructive way, and this process has helped me become more aware of myself, being more present and has helped me be more fully absorbed in the whole process of becoming a better tennis player and a better person.

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Jann Mardenborough, 2011 GT Academy Winner, Now racing single seaters in GP3

photo 2

I first worked with Simon in 2013 in New Zealand. We worked on race preparation and a plan before getting into the car. We would focus a lot on warm up with high intensity fast exercises which also made me more mentally alert, awake and ready. We worked on visualisation as this is a big area in motorsport, visualising the perfect lap and then replicating it in real life.
Getting into the car with a clear mind is a must, it gives you the capacity to focus 100% on racing without having any external distractions. Working with Simon this area of my preparation has improved massively and is something that can make the difference of coming first or second in a race

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David Coulthard Racing Car Driver

Simon with David Coulthard at his final F1 race in Brazil 2008

Simon Fitchett worked with me as my personal trainer and sports massage therapist for the last 4 years of my driving career in Formula 1, where his personal training skills and sports massage techniques helped keep me above the optimum physical condition required to compete. Simon is an extremely committed, dedicated and loyal individual who […]

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Fliss Jaine Sufferer of Crohns Disease

I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease seven years ago and was recommended to see Simon, although in remission, to discuss my irritability, lack of energy and enthusiasm which the disease left me with all the time. I was very skeptical at first, but Simon has a very calming presence was great at explaining how Hypnotherapy […]

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Alistair Niddrie Business Consultant

Having been employed all my working life, I decided to start up a new company. I required help in overcoming some fears that were holding me back. It was with trepidation that I contacted Simon because I didn’t like the idea of being out of control and did not understand how he or Hypnosis could […]

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